2019 Old Home Day Events/Parades

Below is the list of Old Home Day events that we should have a presence. In order to make this work, we need many volunteers to staff booths and march in parades. In short, we need you! Please contact the person for each event to let them know you’ll be participating

July 4th – Andover Independence Day – nataliejdel@aol.com

July 13th – Pittsfield Old Home Day – carol@mcguire4house.com

August 10th –
Epsom Old Home Day – carol@mcguire4house.com
Salisbury Old Home Day – nataliejdel@aol.com
Loudon Old Home Day – mofmichael@aim.com

August 17th –
Dunbarton Old Home Day – janiskuch@gmail.com

August 24th –
Allenstown/Pembroke Old Home Day – carol@mcguire4house.com
Boscawen Old Home Day – smaltzie@comcast.net

September 7th – Danbury Grange Fair – nataliejdel@aol.com

September 21st – Hooksett Old Home Day –