Nominations for 2023-2024 Merrimack County Republican Committee


1) The MCRC shall consist of the number of members apportioned to it by the NHRSC. MCRC members shall be elected for a two-year term by the Merrimack County Republican Party Nominees and Delegates to the State Convention, as provided in the NHRSC bylaws, and shall take office at the January meeting following the fall elections or as soon thereafter as is reasonably practicable. Any registered Republican who resides in Merrimack County but not in the City of Concord is eligible to become a member.

2) Members are expected to fully participate in MCRC’s affairs, to help recruit and elect Republican candidates, and to promote the general welfare of the Republican Party. This would include attendance at meetings, actively assisting in the campaigns of MCRC members, participating in one or more subcommittees, and assisting in organizing and participating in MCRC events.

Note: these are in alphabetical order. Bios are generally as they were written with minor punctuation, grammar, and misspellings corrected.

Sarah Andrews, Dunbarton
I’m strong republican and want better country.

Louise Andrus, Salisbury
I would like to be a member to be a part of a team in bringing in new members and to help obtain candidates for future elections.

Cyril Aures, Chichester
I want to be involved to help the GOP and NH

Deborah Aylward, Danbury
Besides the fellowship, I wish to lend my talents and skills to assist with advancing the GOP cause in District 5 — as I believe there is a need for leadership in said district. Be advised that my time will first be devoted to properly representing constituents in the House and if conflicting with meetings, I may be absent, but with good cause.

Kevin Bastarache, Loudon
Lifelong Republican concerned for the future of the party.

Ernie Bencivenga, Hooksett
As a constitutionalist (not a conservative or moderate or liberal) we need to stop the continuous erosion of our liberties. The Leftwing democrats for many years have chipped away (un-noticeably) at our freedoms until it hits us in the face and realize our rights have become diminished or taken away completely. Our Founding Fathers gave us a document that guaranteed our rights as American citizens, and we have allowed others to rewrite it. As an organization we must be involved, proactive, and unified to take back our rights. It is not enough to be a member for a once-a-month meeting. Constitutionalists are not rightwing, we are the moderates. There is no rightwing just a “LEFTWING”. Thank you.

Erik Bishop, Salisbury
I wish to be a member because I see the need for a stronger Republican Party on a local level than can present a solid conservative message that can win elections up and down the ballot. I hope to contribute a growth in the number of young members and associate members in the committee. I can set the precedent, and I can tell them what I have done, what we do, and what they can do, to help make Merrimack County and New Hampshire Republican again.

Allyson Bodell, Hooksett
I love NH and our country. I hope that as a committee member I will be able to work to keep NHs’ proud traditions alive. I enjoy working on projects. Over this past year I have participated in many activities including, door knocking, sign waving , working at “Old Home Days” and County Fairs. I am also Secretary for the Hooksett Republican Committee.

Jose’ Eduardo Cambrils, Loudon
I have been a member and the treasurer of MCRC for the past 5 years. I have been very active in the committee, have recruited many good members, and have held very successful fund raisers at the Gilmanton Winery, 5 years in a row. I am a 100% supporter of the NH GOP Platform and the NH and U.S. Constitutions. I am a Christian and will not compromise my principles. I would like to be re-elected into the MCRC and plan to run for Treasurer again.
Respectfully, Jose’ Cambrils

Terry Cox, Webster
I want the GOP to beat the Dems; I hope to evangelize libertarians and independents.

Kenna Cross, Northfield
Continue to stay involved in the Republican Party. Bring forth new members and continue to help where I can.

Thomas Dunne, Bradford
As a newly elected State Representative, I want to help engage Republicans in local and county Republican activities. There is a need to get more participation in events and activities that can help get more Republicans involved in running for public office or to help those that are running.

Alyssa Ehl, Hooksett
I have been an active member for several years. I am currently the secretary. I am the Chair of the Hooksett Republicans. I want to help get Republicans elected throughout the state.

Ross Funches, Bow
Ross Funches is a strong conservative Republican who consistently volunteers to DO the work required to win elections!

Wendy Funches, Bow
Hello, my name is Wendy Funches. As a military veteran and spouse, I’ve traveled the world and lived in many different states. Since, settling in NH I’ve become more active in our local government because I’ve seen how being stagnant is detrimental for our party. I’m concerned for our children and their children’s future. Since becoming a associate member, I’ve wanted to get more involved with our party and contribute to our success. I ran this year unsuccessfully for the school board and successfully, for NH delegate, I am also the vice- chair for the Bow Republicans committee. I’m asking for full membership because I’m ready to get more involved!

James Gaffney, Warner
I would like to work to improve the party here in NH.

Jason Gerhard, Northfield
It is time to advance the principals of liberty which attracts voters from across the political spectrum. We will win by allowing everyone the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Equality of opportunity not outcome.

Ernesto Leonardo Gonzalez, Franklin
I want to help the Republican Party in NH.

Amy Griffin, Loudon
The reason for wanting to be a member is keep the values and principals intact and protecting the future of this state and country. I will contribute in any way I able to help to grow the Republican message.

Marc Griffin, Loudon
Previous member, want to stay involved.

Terese Grinnell-Bastarache, Loudon
Life long Republican and want to help regain our integrity to the platform.

JR Hoell, Dunbarton
Continued commitment to promoting the party platform and helping people win office.

Werner Horn, Franklin
While I was a member for over 6 years I was active in nearly every way, old home day parades featured my truck, I served on numerous sub-committees, I was the organizer for the Franklin City Committee. The shameful action taken against me and my mother, the 70 year old widow of a veteran, was in direct response to my refusal to let unethical behavior stand.

I hope to contribute not just my time, but my dedication to Republican values of integrity, intelligent approach to government, and strong constitutional principles.

Continued commitment to promoting the party platform and helping people win office.

Jimmie R Hinson, Loudon
I am ready to get off the beach and get more involved. I will help to Identify, recruit and retain quality candidates that are willing to work hard on behalf of New Hampshire.

Patricia Jorgensen, Northfield
I support and want growth for the Republican platform.

Walter Kirsch, Warner
I want to be more active in seeing that only America First Candidates are promoted and elected. I will use whatever authority I am granted to see that government gets out of the way and allows free people to make their own free choices.

Ron Kurtz, Warner
The Republican Party of New Hampshire is a clear choice for me. The Party is both Fiscally Conservative and Socially Responsible to its citizens, residents and its businesses. I want to help strengthen the party’s presence in the state legislature and send Republican leadership to the US Congress in the next election cycle. I have been a participant in 7 Canadian elections for their provincial and federal conservative parties participating as an executive on a riding for an Ontario Minister of Provincial Parliament MPP. I have learned how a successful campaign is or is not run, how to get out the vote, and how to make an educated guess as to how well the candidate is fairing with the public. My background: I am a retired engineer out of both the aerospace and automotive industries and bring a wealth of skill to help our party succeed.

Cherylyn LeBrun, Loudon
We as a nation our blessed by God and attributed our freedoms to the men who designed our constitution over 200 hundred years ago. We must protect this gift to us so we can live and be the example of a Godly nation. I want to be part of this gift from our forefathers and God.

Jon LeBrun, Loudon
I want to make a positive difference in my State and my local community. I believe by joining an organization that shares my values is one of the best ways to do that.

Chris Lins, Bow
As an active Associate Member in good standing, a two-time NH State Rep candidate from Bow, NH, and a strong conservative Republican, we need people of integrity who are willing to DO the work that is required in order to find and coach strong candidates through winning elections. I am one of these people.

David Lovlien Jr, Pembroke
I hold elected office as County Commissioner and it is my pleasure and privilege to serve the People of Merrimack County as well as the Merrimack County GOP. As a potential delegate for the party it would be my honor to execute my responsibilities for the well being and betterment of the party. I will be an active and engaged member of the committee.

Scott Maltzie, Boscawen
I have been a member since 2015. During that time, I have actively served as the Boscawen Town Committee Chairman and MCRC Secretary and have been the Chairman for the past 4 1/2 years. During that time, we have increased our attendance at meetings, quadrupled our mailing list, conducted two CD 2 debates, and participated in numerous Old Home Day events and increased our House members by 8 in 2020. In addition, I have most recently served as Credentialing Chair for the NHRSC. I support the National and State Republican Platforms and have, and will, work tirelessly to accomplish the Mission of the Merrimack County GOP and the New Hampshire Republican State Committee.

Carol McGuire, Epsom
Constituent support.

Dan McGuire, Epsom
I’m a State Rep and current chair of the Suncook Valley GOP covering five towns in the eastern part of the county. I would like to help choose party and county officers and be involved in the party platform and fund raising.

William E Minsinger, New London
To help with local town organizational activity to be better prepared for the 2024 elctions

Mike Moffett, Loudon
I have been a member of MCRC for eight years and want to continue serving the cause.

Kenneth D Park, Jr, Loudon
I am wishing to be more active to help represent the conservative advantage and views of New Hampshire helping get conservative representatives elected.
In Liberty, Ken Park, Jr.

Howard Pearl, Loudon
I’m a Republican Senator and want to help steer the platform locally

Howard “Charlie” Pearl JR, Loudon
I’d like to continue to push Republican first mentalities and help steer the direction of the party at a local level.

Matt Pitaro, Allenstown
I want to continue to serve on the BOD of the MCRC.

Yury Polozov, Hooksett
As a conservative activist (Americans for Prosperity, Judicial Watch) and a cybersecurity professional, I want MCRC to implement best ways to reach voters. I want to share my time and my experience of uniting and energizing support-base as I became a newly-elected State Representative and helped others to be elected.

Edward Prive, Franklin
To be a better conservative.

Kathy Rago, Franklin
To move republicans ideals forward.

Alvin See, Loudon
As a newly elected State Representative, I want to help engage Republicans in local and county Republican activities. There is a need to get more participation in events and activities that can help get more Republicans involved in running for public office or to help those that are running.

Dave Testerman, Franklin
My intent is to participate by keeping the membership aware of what is happening in the legislature, what the membership can do about helping and why it is important. I also will help at various public parades, old home days, etc with the MCRC.

Karen Testerman, Franklin
To participate, contribute and maintain the Republican principles stated in the platform.

Chuck Therrien, Pembroke
I have been a member of the MCRC since moving to Pembroke in 2018 and I continue to support our agenda as Republicans. I have been involved in Republican politics since 1972 and will always believe in our mission of small and unobtrusive government. I believe in sensible legislation and minimal interference in our lives.

Jed Tocci, Hopkinton
To advance the Republican platform, To take back Merrimack district 9.

Natalie Wells, Warner
To continue as a MCRC member and reach out to other republicans in my community to become active.

Clayton Wood, Pittsfield
When joining the MCRC about 1.5 years ago, i was looking for a way to work within the Republican Party to make a difference in New Hampshire. I have found that and more at the MCRC which gave me the incentive and tools to run and win the State rep seat in my district. If elected to a full member, I will use that position to continue to grow my political activism as well as help others do the same. The MCRC definitely made a difference.

Marika Yakubovich, Hooksett
A family of Soviet Union immigrants, cherishing American values & liberty for our kids. Working for many years to ensure our Constitutional freedoms do not disappear, within the town of Hooksett, the town committee and for the state for my husband’s Representative & Senate campaigns.

Mark Zaccaria, Danbury
I have been a Registered Republican since I first joined the voting rolls. I have been active in local and national Republican political efforts for decades. In that time I have run for Local, state, and federal offices. I have served in both elective and appointive office in New Jersey, Rhode Island, and now New Hampshire. I and my wife, Ruth Ann, joined the Merrimack County Committee as Associate Members as soon as we moved permanently to the Granite State, in 2021. Both of us have also served as Delegates to two RNC Conventions (2012 & 2020), During the 2012 Cycle I was elected Chair of the Rhode Island Republican State Central Committee. In that capacity I served as a voting member of the National Committee.

It is natural for both my wife and myself to pursue similar Republican Activism here in our new home. We both hope to qualify as voting members of the MCRC in the term ahead.

Ruth Ann Zaccaria, Danbury
I am already an associate member in the Merrimack County GOP Committee having relocated to NH from RI in 2021. Husband Mark and I had been active members in local GOP Town committee in RI for 20 years and at times members of the state GOP committee which is populated by only a few elected reps from the town committees. We were both elected by state-wide election to be reps for the 2012 National GOP Meeting to formally name Mitt Romney as the candidate for president and attended the convention in Tampa Fl. I also was elected as an alternate in the 2020 presidential convention. I was a state rep candidate in RI in 2000 and have participated with Mark in many campaigns, fundraisers, and activities. Since moving to NH in August 2021, we began seeking participation in GOP activities in NH, attended the county meetings and hope to assist here however we can. We have contributed financially to various candidates here already and the county committee and hope to continue that.