Candidates for Vacancies

The following have completed the application to fulfill the vacancy on the Merrimack County Republican Committee. If you would like to communicate with the candidate, click on the name of the candidate.

Ernie Bencivenga – I am currently an associate member and would like to become a voting member. My goal is to assist where and when needed to grow the committee so we can become an influential organization to restore the liberties we have conceded over and prevent further liberty erosion.

BaoChau Kelley I would like to volunteer my time to help recruit and elect Republican candidates, and to promote the general welfare of the Republican Party and to promote campaigns of MCRC members to save our children and protect our freedom.

David Lovlien jr. – I am currently an associate member but I would love to be a full member. I am very involved, I try to not only make County meetings but local town GOP meetings within the County as well. I ran for County Commissioner as a write-in candidate, I won the primary, then beat my democrat opponent in the general election. It was my first time running. I am a young republican and even though I was not made an official MCGOP member in January I hope this is an opportunity where the party could reconsider. Thank you!

Howard Pearl – I will accept the position if elected. Howard was nominated by Natialie Wells. He currently serves as State Senator on the Department of Administration, Energy & Natural Resources and Finance.

Matthew Pitaro – Fmr Finance Chair of MCRC. Would still like to lend my experience to the committee’s mission.

Michael Jed Tocci – To serve the people of my county and state.

Robert H. Wardell – i am a conservative, Christian who simply wants to see our government be as our founding fathers envisioned and worked so hard for. Even many in the Republican party have lost this vision and I want to be a voice for refocusing our efforts to honor our Constitution and our God-given rights.

Mark Zaccaria – Longtime Republican activist, candidate, RI State Party Chair (2011-12), now living in NH and wishing to remain involved.