(amended 5/13/1975, 8/12/1975, 9/1978, 6/7/1995, 1/07, 4/2013, 4/17/2019, 2/19/2020, 4/21,2021)
Adopted February 19, 2020


A. Composition:

1) The Merrimack County Republican Committee (“MCRC”) is a part of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee (“NHRSC”) and is established through Article V of the Bylaws of the NHRSC. The MCRC along with the several other County and City Committees in the State of New Hampshire make up the NHRSC. The MCRC includes all of the towns and cities of Merrimack County with the exception of the City of Concord, which has its own City Committee.

2) The MCRC shall manage the affairs of the Merrimack County Republican Party, direct the general policy and campaign activities of the Party organization, and perform all lawful or customary duties required of it. All members and associate members are encouraged to participate in MCRC subcommittees and/or to engage in other activities to further the objectives of the MCRC.

B. Membership:

1) The MCRC shall consist of the number of members apportioned to it by the NHRSC. MCRC members shall be elected for a two-year term by the Merrimack County Republican Party Nominees and Delegates to the State Convention, as provided in the NHRSC bylaws, and shall take office at the January meeting following the fall elections or as soon thereafter as is reasonably practicable. Any registered Republican who resides in Merrimack County but not in the City of Concord is eligible to become a member.

2) Members are expected to fully participate in MCRC’s affairs, to help recruit and elect Republican candidates, and to promote the general welfare of the Republican Party. This would include attendance at meetings, actively assisting in the campaigns of MCRC members, participating in one or more subcommittees, and assisting in organizing and participating in MCRC events.

3) Any registered Republican who resides in Merrimack County is eligible to become an associate member. Associate members shall be entitled to participate in discussion and debate and shall have the right to vote on the regular business of the MCRC. Associate members are not eligible to vote on the election of MCRC officers, the filling of vacancies for MCRC members, the election of associate members or amendments to these Bylaws. Pursuant to the NHRSC bylaws, associate members shall not be voting members of the NHRSC and shall not be entitled to vote on official NHRSC business.

4) A member may propose to the Chair the admission of an eligible person as an associate member. The Chair will assess the nominee’s commitment to be involved in MCRC and at his or her discretion propose membership at an MCRC meeting. A majority vote of the members will accept admission of associate members. The Chair shall abstain from voting unless there is a tie and in that case cast the deciding vote.

5) Associate members may be removed from membership under the following conditions:
a) when the Associate Member has moved from Merrimack County;
b) when the Associate Member is no longer an active participant in the work of the committee;
c) when the Associate Member is elected as a full-member of the MCRC/NH RSC;
d) an Associate Member can have their membership terminated by a majority two-thirds vote of the regular membership present.

C. Meetings:
1) At least six (6) regular meetings shall be held in each calendar year, including one in January following the biennial general elections. The MCRC may by majority vote set a schedule of regular meetings. Additional meetings may be called by the Chair upon written request of four (4) MCRC members to the Chair or the Chair’s own initiative.
2) Notice of all meetings and cancellations of meetings shall comport with Article III except when exigent circumstances exist.
3) Meetings are open to all registered Republicans and to guests approved by the Chair in advance. No audio or video recordings or other reportings of proceedings are allowed without the unanimous consent of all members and associate members present at the meeting.


A. Officers: The officers of the MCRC shall consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and, if any, a Finance Chair. Officers shall be elected at the fall caucus when members of the MCRC are elected or at the following January meeting. In either event, Officers shall take office at the January meeting following the fall elections or as soon thereafter as is reasonably practicable.

B. Chair:
The Chair shall be the chief executive officer and shall ensure that the MCRC complies with all duties as directed by the NHRSC and as outlined in these Bylaws. The Chair shall also ensure the MCRC maintains complete and accurate records and an up-to-date roster of all MCRC members and all Merrimack County Republican town chairs. The Chair may appoint subcommittees of the MCRC for the purpose of formulating and presenting recommendations to the MCRC.

C. Vice-Chair:
The Vice-Chair, under the direction of the Chair, shall assist the Chair in the performance of his or her duties, and in the Chair’s absence shall preside at meetings. In the event of a vacancy in the office of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall become the acting Chair until the MCRC elects a new Chair.

D. Treasurer:
The Treasurer shall receive all funds of the MCRC, shall keep proper books of account of all funds received and paid out, and shall render proper accounting to the MCRC at each meeting thereof. The Treasurer shall be fully accountable to the MCRC for his or her acts as Treasurer.

The Treasurer shall make the financial records of the MCRC available to the Executive Committee upon request and shall provide a copy of the MCRC’s monthly bank statements to the MCRC Executive Committee promptly upon receipt. The Treasurer shall be one of the signatories authorized to sign checks on the MCRC’s treasury, and he or she shall pay the bills of the MCRC upon written authorization of the MCRC Chair. All checks in excess of $500, and all checks payable to the Treasurer in his or her individual capacity, shall have two signatures, those of the Treasurer and of the Chair.

E. Secretary:
The Secretary shall perform all duties and responsibilities usual to the office. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all proceedings of the MCRC and shall keep and be custodian of the permanent books and records of the MCRC, except the financial records.

F. Finance Chair:
The members of the MCRC may elect a Finance Chair who shall be responsible for formulating a County fund-raising program and directing implementation of such program as authorized by the MCRC.

G. Executive Committee:
The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and, if any, the Finance Chair. The Executive Committee shall have the authority to act for the full MCRC by majority vote of all of its members when necessary between meetings of the MCRC.


A. Vacancies:
Vacancies in the MCRC membership or its Officers shall be filled by nomination and election at a regular meeting.

B. Rules of Order:
All MCRC business and meetings shall be governed by the most current Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised where not inconsistent with these Bylaws. All questions on parliamentary law and rules of order not provided for in these Bylaws shall also be governed by the most current Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised.

C. Notices:
Notices of meetings shall be given at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the meeting dates. Members and associate members consent to receive written notice from the MCRC and its Officers by email.

D. Bylaw Amendments:
These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of Members present at a regular meeting. A copy of any proposed amendment shall be made available to all members of the MCRC with the meeting notice unless it is impracticable.

E. Bylaws Conflicts:
In the event that there is a conflict between the MCRC Bylaws and the NHRSC Bylaws, the NHRSC Bylaws shall prevail.

Bylaws Committee:
Terry Cox, Chair
Alvin See
Werner Horn
Bryan Gould