Delegates – GOP Convention

Delegates serve two important functions. 1. They will elect the members of the Merrimack County Republican Committee. 2. They will vote on the platform at the State Convention.
Below are the CANDIDATES for Delegate. These candidates are elected during the State Primary Election – September 13, 2022

1Boscawen (Elect 1)Jon Raiche
Charles Smith
2Northfield (Elect 1)Patricia Jorgensen
3Franklin (Elect 2)Kathy Lauer-Rago
4Loudon, Canterbury (Elect 2)Alison Cambrils
Marc Griffin
5Andover, Webster, Salisbury, Danbury, Hill (Elect 2)Erik Bishop
Terry Cox
6Sutton, Wilmot (Elect 1)Kathy Prieto
7New London, Newbury (Elect 2)Caroline Elliott
William E Minsinger
8Henniker, Warner, Bradford (Elect 3)Charlotte Antal
Tom Dunne
Kathleen Labonte
Joe Mendola
Natalie Wells
9Bow, Hopkinton (Elect 4)Wendy Funches
Chris Lins
Bob Matteo
Ron Noyes
10Hooksett, Dunbarton (Elect 4)Ernie Bencivenga
Alyssa Ehl
Mary Darby
Marika Yakubovich
11Allenstown (Elect 1)Scott McDonald
12Pembroke (Elect 2)Chuck Therrian
Amber White
Zephan Nelson Wood
13Pittsfield, Chichester (Elect 2)Sue Eifler
Kathy Holmes
Kathryn Mary Smith
14Epsom (Elect 1)Chet Braley
25Franklin, Northfield (Elect 1)Robert Jorgensen
26Loudon, Boscawen, Andover, Canterbury,
Webster, Salisbury, Danbury, Hill (Elect 1)
Amy Griffin
Scott Maltzie
27Hooksett, Epsom, Allenstown, Dunbarton (Elect 2)Judy Wherett
Sarah Hoell